Apple Day: History, Traditions, and Marketing Tips

Apple Day is a celebration of apples and orchards, held on October 21. This blog post discusses the history of Apple Day and how to celebrate it, and provides tips for business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to leverage this holiday to market and grow their businesses.


Emily Ginsenburg

10/20/20234 min read

a glass of apple juice on a laptop, surrounded by apples
a glass of apple juice on a laptop, surrounded by apples

Apple Day is an annual celebration of apples and orchards, held on October 21. It is celebrated mainly in the United Kingdom, but it has also become popular in other countries, including the United States.

Apple Day was initiated by Common Ground on 21 October 1990 at an event in Covent Garden, London. The aim was to create a calendar custom, an autumn holiday, and to celebrate and demonstrate the variety we are in danger of losing, not simply in apples, but in the richness and diversity of landscape, ecology and culture too.

Apple Day events can be large or small, from apple games in a garden to large village fairs with cookery demonstrations, games, apple identification, juice and cider, gardening advice, and the sale of many hundreds of apple varieties.

How to celebrate Apple Day

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate Apple Day:

  • Visit an apple orchard. Many orchards offer apple picking and other activities on Apple Day.

  • Bake an apple pie or other apple dessert. There are many delicious apple recipes to choose from.

  • Make applesauce or apple cider. These are two classic apple products that are easy to make at home.

  • Learn about different apple varieties. There are thousands of different apple varieties grown around the world. Visit a local farmers market or orchard to learn about the different varieties that are available in your area.

  • Plant an apple tree. Apple trees are relatively easy to care for and can produce fruit for many years.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Apple Day is a great opportunity to appreciate the deliciousness and diversity of apples.

Additional information

Apple Day is also a time to raise awareness about the importance of orchards and apple diversity. Orchards provide a habitat for many species of wildlife, and they also help to protect soil and water quality. Apple diversity is important because it helps to ensure that apples are resilient to pests and diseases.

You can support apple diversity by buying apples from local farmers markets and orchards. You can also donate to organisations that are working to preserve apple orchards and varieties.

Leverage this holiday to grow your business

Here are some ideas for how business leaders and entrepreneurs can leverage Apple Day to market and grow their businesses:

  • Offer special promotions or discounts. For example, you could offer a discount on apple products, or give away a free apple pie with purchase.

  • Host an Apple Day event. This could be a small event at your store or restaurant, or a larger event at a local park or community centre. You could offer apple-themed activities, such as apple picking, apple pie baking contests, and apple cider tasting.

  • Partner with other businesses in your community. For example, you could partner with a local orchard to offer a special Apple Day package that includes admission to the orchard, apple picking, and a discount at your business.

  • Use social media to promote your Apple Day activities and promotions. Be sure to use relevant hashtags, such as #AppleDay and #AppleLove.

  • Create blog posts or articles about Apple Day. This is a great way to educate your customers about the holiday and its history, and to promote your Apple Day offerings.

Here are some additional tips for marketing your business on Apple Day:

  • Target your audience. Who are your most likely customers? Once you know who your target audience is, you can tailor your marketing messages accordingly.

  • Be creative. Apple Day is a fun and festive holiday, so don't be afraid to get creative with your marketing. Use bright colours and eye-catching visuals to grab your customers' attention.

  • Be timely. Start promoting your Apple Day offerings early so that your customers have plenty of time to plan their celebrations.

  • Make it easy for customers to buy from you. Offer online ordering, curbside pickup, and other convenient options.

By following these tips, you can use Apple Day to market and grow your business.

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