Celebrate National Pet Bird Day with 50% off educational content and DIY resources from The Industry Leader!

Celebrate National Pet Bird Day with 50% off all educational content and DIY resources from The Industry Leader!


Emily Ginsenburg

9/13/20233 min read

a parrot sitting on a branch of a tree
a parrot sitting on a branch of a tree

National Pet Bird Day is celebrated on September 17 each year to celebrate the joy and benefits of owning a pet bird. It was created in 2019 by the Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK), a non-profit organisation that promotes responsible bird ownership and education.

There are many ways to celebrate National Pet Bird Day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Spend some extra time with your pet bird. Give them their favourite toys and treats, and let them out of their cage for some extra playtime.

  • Learn more about your pet bird's species. Read books, watch documentaries, or visit a local bird sanctuary.

  • Volunteer at a local bird rescue or shelter. Help care for birds in need and learn more about bird conservation.

  • Spread the word about National Pet Bird Day. Share photos and stories of your pet bird on social media, and encourage others to celebrate too.

National Pet Bird Day is a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your feathered friend. By celebrating this day, you can help raise awareness of the importance of responsible bird ownership and conservation.

Here are some other facts about National Pet Bird Day:

  • There are over 10,000 species of birds in the world.

  • Birds are social creatures and need interaction with their owners.

  • Pet birds can live for many years, so it is important to be prepared for a long-term commitment.

  • Responsible bird ownership includes providing your bird with a safe and stimulating environment, a healthy diet, and regular veterinary care.

If you are thinking about getting a pet bird, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder or rescue organisation. With proper care, pet birds can make wonderful companions for many years to come.

Leverage this holiday to grow your business

Business leaders and entrepreneurs can leverage National Pet Bird Day to market and grow their businesses in a number of ways, such as:

  • Create special promotions and discounts. Offer discounts on pet bird products and services, such as bird food, toys, cages, and veterinary care. You can also offer free consultations or workshops on pet bird care.

  • Run social media contests and giveaways. Ask your followers to share photos and stories of their pet birds for a chance to win prizes. You can also partner with other businesses that sell pet bird products or services to offer joint giveaways.

  • Host in-store events. Invite local bird experts to give talks or presentations on pet bird care. You can also set up a petting zoo or have a bird-themed scavenger hunt.

  • Partner with local animal shelters or rescue organisations. Donate a portion of your proceeds from National Pet Bird Day sales to a local animal shelter or rescue organisation. This is a great way to give back to your community and show your support for pet bird adoption.

  • Get involved in social media conversations. Use hashtags like #NationalPetBirdDay and #PetBirdLove to join the conversation on social media. Share interesting facts about pet birds, tips for pet bird care, and photos of your own pet birds.

By taking advantage of National Pet Bird Day, business leaders and entrepreneurs can reach a new audience of potential customers and raise awareness of their businesses.

Here are some additional tips for leveraging National Pet Bird Day:

  • Be creative and have fun with your marketing efforts. The more creative you are, the more likely people are to pay attention.

  • Be consistent with your messaging. Make sure all of your marketing materials, including your website, social media posts, and email campaigns, are consistent with the message you want to convey.

  • Measure your results. Track your website traffic, social media engagement, and sales to see how your National Pet Bird Day marketing efforts are performing. This will help you determine what worked well and what you can do differently next year.

National Pet Bird Day is a great opportunity to market and grow your business. By following these tips, you can make the most of this special day and reach a new audience of potential customers.

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Celebrate National Pet Bird Day with The Industry Leader!

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